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About Us
Message from Director
Three Strategic Areas

It is my honor to serve as the Director of the IAA, since early 2016. The mission of the IAA is to promote and implement active ageing through the three core interdisciplinary strategic areas: research, education, and practice. We strive to remove obstacles to the active participation of our members, in order to promote active social and community engagement on the part of diverse older adults.

The IAA’s innovative and holistic framework for active ageing, which integrates important personal, social, economic, civic, and health-related dimensions of ageing, can serve as a model for baby boomers and other ageing individuals to live a meaningful and enriched later life, with support from their families, caregivers, service providers, and wider communities.

IAA will continue to implement a range of interesting initiatives, events, and courses, with the aim of meeting the unique characteristics and demands of our existing and new members. Our total membership is rising, with over 2,000 members as of early 2016. This trend is encouraging, and it also reminds us of the importance of providing more professional support as well as further developing our innovative active ageing platform. Some examples of the initiatives include credit bearing courses, a summer mini university, an overseas intergenerational learning tour, and ‘learning at sea’ (cruises) for our IAA Third Age members.

In addition to enhancing professional development and practice by strengthening active ageing and life long learning opportunities, the IAA is committed to developing and further expanding our research initiatives in alignment with our core missions and goals. A wide range of research projects are implemented by IAA faculty members and highly supported by members of IAA, focusing on personal, social, economic, civic, and health-related dimensions of ageing.

The IAA also offers formal and informal training, internship, and practicum opportunities for students, in order to support their development of comprehensive knowledge and skills relevant to our ageing society and to better serve ageing adults in multiple sectors, including social care and health, the ‘silver market’, social enterprises, and government and non-governmental sectors.

I am very much looking forward to continue working with our advisory committee, management committee, and IAA faculty members, to bring the IAA to the next level of success in practice, research, and education. Together, we will work to further establish the IAA as an internationally recognized and reputable model for active ageing and life long learning.

Daniel W.L. Lai, PhD
Director of IAA
Chair Professor & Head, Department of Applied Social Sciences